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6 Boxes Samsu Cream

6 Boxes Samsu Cream

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Weight : 120 g
Brand : Samsu
Manufactured : PD. SAMSU - INDONESIA

6 Boxes SAMSU CREAM Super for Men Delay Premature Ejaculation Prolong Sex Time

Samsu Cream For Man is a topical skin medication with a special formula for men who do not last long in intercourse with women. This formula is specifically adapted to the conditions of eastern people, so that the benefits that will be felt are a strength in themselves. Strong medicine establishes a special cream that is colorless, non-toxic, contains little lubricating oil, dissolves in water, is easy to wash. And this cream will be dissolved by vaginal secretions, it will finally redden out. Samsu Cream is a powerful external medicine that combines a special formula that is effective in treating premature ejaculation during intercourse for men. It is very suitable to be used for those of you who cannot last long in sexual relations, have a big appetite but quickly come out because of early ejaculation which causes the nerves of the penis to be too sensitive, or the penis to be too ticklish.


- Zingiberis Rhizoma Extract 20%

- Semen Myicroetices 10%


- Gives men vitality

- Prevents premature ejaculation

- Prolongs sexual intercourse and allows a man to enjoy sexual intercourse with his wife longer and provide multiple orgasms

- Gives confidence and reduces excessive sensitivity

How to use : Spread Samsu cream evenly on your penis Wait approximately 15-60 minutes before having intercourse After that, wash it with normal water

Handling Time

Takes 1 - 3 business days.


6 Boxes Samsu Cream are sent from East Java - INDONESIA. Shipping costs is (USA : 20 USD) & (Others Country : 30 USD) per order. Estimated delivery 12 - 14 business days to the destination of the package using the postal delivery service. We will send tracking number and link via email so buyers can monitor the journey of their package.

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