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Hajar Jahanam Premium Black Stone

Hajar Jahanam Premium Black Stone

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Weight : 60 g
Brand : Hajar Jahanam Premium Black Stone
Manufactured : Premium Herbal Jakarta - INDONESIA

Hajar Jahanam Premium - traditional concoction to prolong male ejaculation

Hajar Jahanam Premium Black Stone is very popular among Middle Eastern people. This medicine is shaped like a solid stone and comes from certain plants in the Middle East. With it, adult men already believe that they can satisfy their life partner because this traditional Egyptian anti-sluggish medicine is really effective in making men even more powerful.

Benefits :

- Overcoming the problem of premature ejaculation

- Helps increase sex drive

- Erection is more durable

- Helps make men more powerful

- be more confident


How to use :

- Apply to the penis Make sure not to hit the most vital part, which is like the urinary area because it can cause irritation.

- After that, the penis will feel a little hot for about 25 minutes.

- If the reaction has been felt, then rinse the penis with water until clean, then sex

- From the method of use above, the use is easy, even does not cause excessive side effects. So don't be afraid to start.


1 bottle Fill 5 ml

Handling Time

Takes 1 - 3 business days.


Hajar Jahanam Premium Black Stone are sent from East Java - INDONESIA. Shipping costs is (USA : 20 USD) & (Others Country : 30 USD) per order. Estimated delivery 12 - 14 business days to the destination of the package using the postal delivery service. We will send tracking number and link via email so buyers can monitor the journey of their package.

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